Album Premiere: Vampirska and Wampyric Rites – ‘The Drowning Void’

The Drowning Void album cover

The Drowning Void is a split LP of nocturnal black metal featuring lengthy contributions from Vampirska and Wamypric Rites. USBM project Vampirska have released a flurry of sanguinary splits since their Torturous Omens of Blood and Candlewax album. Meanwhile, Wampyric Rites are prolific members of the Black Metal Plague Circle. I love when split albums have their own title, instead of just featuring a couple band logos. Because this split feels like a cohesive experience, like The Drowning Void is where sunlight goes to die. Venture into an unlit world of raw black metal with this stream, courtesy of Inferna Profundus Records.

Both bands have about 17 and a half minutes to work with on The Drowning Void. Vampirska lure listeners with a sickly melody before “As Their Faces Fade From My Memory” drains their blood with blasts. “Encompassing Death’s Lightless Flame” might be the shortest track on the split, but it still mixes tempos and rhythms while guiding the listener to the River Styx. On the other side of the LP, Wampiric Rites share their two-part composition “Tragedy of Existence.” In part one, the band accompanies the song’s pensive mid-song crawl with somber guitar leads. In part two, they close out the split with organ-soaked evil that sounds like it would haunt distant castles. The distinct lethality of each band carries this split and makes it one of my favorite black metal releases of the year. These children of the night do make some extraordinary music. Highly recommended for fans of raw, depressive, and vampyric blasphemy.

Don’t wait for the next blood moon. Light your cursed candelabra and enter The Drowning Void by pressing play below.

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