LIMITED TIME ONLY: Get FREE Vinyl When You Purchase Vinyl From the Decibel Webstore!

Last year’s Record Store Day exclusive release, Decibel’s Completely Extreme Vol. 1, was a smash success, quickly snatched up by likeminded record stores across the country. What’s not to love about it? This incredibly limited release contains ripping tracks from the likes of Napalm Death, Necrot, Incantation, Red Fang, Undergang, Cirith Ungol, and many, many more. Though thought to be a long-gone relic of the equally gone 2020, a small number of this essential LP have crash-landed at dBHQ. So, what’s a metal rag like ourselves supposed to do with a windfall like this?

From now until Wednesday, June 9 at 11:59 PM EST, all vinyl orders will automatically come with a free copy of Decibel’s Completely Extreme Vol. 1 LP! Order a copy of our exclusive tan color At the Gates The Nightmare of Being record, one of our very few remaining copies of Metal Blade Records’ Metal Massacre XV compilation or any of our remaining reissues of Napalm Death’s modern classic catalog and you’ll be doubling your value at no extra cost. Death to false metal, long live physical media!

NOTE: Each vinyl order will receive one (1) copy of Decibel’s Completely Extreme Vol. 1 LP. Orders containing items in pre-order will be shipped when those products arrive at the Decibel Store. While supplies last.