Blast Worship: Kuvotus

Where they from?
Vaasa, Finland. Vaasa is located right next to a city called “Matta.” They are so close that they actually share a college: Vaasa Matta U. Get it? Vaasa Matta U? Don’t forget to tip your waitress, I’ll be here all night.

Why the hype?
This band incorporates a lot of this new-fangled “Old-School Death Metal But Groovy” sound so I am warning you that I will be misspelling Sanguisugabogg at least five different ways in the following two paragraphs (sorry, Albert).

To be quite honest, this sound doesn’t really do it for me as I consider myself a recovering deathcore kid who gets re-traumatized every time he hears a breakdown played on one string. But these Kuvotus boys manage to take some of the better aspects of this sound and “grindify” it, HUZZAH! Kuvotus are one of those rare bands that make grindcore somewhat accessible as evidenced by the fact that while I was listening to them my roommate (Doug doesn’t listen to metal) came in and said they kinda reminded him of Primus, a high compliment in our incel kingdom. If this band gets the rare Doug endorsement, you know they gotta be good.

Latest Release?
Unisolmuiviistys: A Split Between Kuvotus and Tunkio. I guess one of the defining characteristics of Sanguisugabogg-core is that all of the breakdowns feel like they are covered in molasses and this band definitely nails that aspect. “Flayed and Incinerated” and “Low Budget Amputation” both feature grooves that feel like they are coated in gelatinous goo that oozes into the listener’s ear lobes and rots their brain from within. But the band also brings that good-good grind fury, especially on closer “Blunt Trauma Conspiracy,” which would make most midwest mustache-core aficionados proud. If you don’t like this band I only have one question: Vaasa Matta U?