Album Premiere: Slithering Decay – ‘Aeons Untold’

Slithering Decay band photo

Death metal newcomers Slithering Decay are brethren of the buzzsaw. From the very first roar of distortion, the Belgians boast the familiar Stockholm sound of the early ’90s. After teasing the underground with a limited run cassette demo in 2018, Slithering Decay’s proper debut is now upon us. Out of respect, Decibel Magazine made a blood sacrifice to a sentient HM2 pedal. In return we received a blessing to share Slithering Decay’s Aeons Untold debut a few days before the album’s May 21st release date. As ambassadors of old school heaviness, Testimony Records are the perfect match for this project’s spirited Swedeath revival.

The album blasts right out of the necrovoid with “Metaphysical Iconoclasm” and the album’s first contagious choruses. There are similarities to Bloodbath’s rancid stylings, including a track title (“Resurrected in Chaos”) that feels like an ode to Bloodbath’s sophomore record. But Slithering Decay is not an homage project trying to mimic the genre’s masters. Tempo shifts help keep Aeons Untold an engaging adventure, like the doomy passage in “Bloodstained Tears.” Solos shred atop the barbaric buzz throughout, and most memorably in “Embedded in Hollowness.” Disarming melodies surface between dismembering riffs in “Verminous Flood.” The album sounds authentic and sincere, helped by the audio mastering contribution of original Bloodbath member Dan Swanö. The opening riff of “Blood Unforeseen” feels like it crawled directly from Wesley Dewanckel’s cover art. Every minute of this record feels like it could saw off your limbs. And that’s pretty much the Testimony Records motto, right there.

Swedeath connoisseurs should jam Slithering Decay immediately. Press play and experience psychotic ecstasy.

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