Full Album Premiere: Kryptik Mutation – ‘Pulled from the Pit’

You’d be forgiven for thinking Kryptik Mutation were thrashers through and through. Just look at the errant Ks in their name and the angular logo that shows them off. Hell the album name Pulled from the Pit could be the kind of moshpit referencing fodder Exodus mastered. Though its cover looks the part, the first hint that everything is not what it seemed is the sheer brutality.

Yes, the pit is one of spikes and the impalements upon them are grotesque. Somewhere between all that, Kryptik Mutation stand. It makes sense, them being from Texas and all. Given the state produced Pantera, Devourment and Power Trip, it makes sense its output would fall somewhere between. Stop and think about one of those pillars and any given moment will touch on it, if not multiple at once.

Vocalist Christopher De Leon explains the ooze from which they came.

Pulled From the Pit is an album made for fans of brutal sounds over not-so serious topics. Taking inspiration from all kinds of fun and gory things visually while taking in inspiration musically through our favorite bands growing up. That formula is what we ball up together as a band and then roll with for the Kryptik Mutation sound and vibe. It’s Tales from the Crypt meets Suffocation; it’s Alien vs. Predator meets Morbid Angel; it’s Splatterhouse crossed with Municipal Waste! We are a horror movie playing through your eardrums. We are a scary tale being told to you in the dark. And we are revving up a chainsaw to tear up riffs to serve for everyone who loves headbanging to death metal and circle pitting to thrash!”

Listen to the groovy brutal death thrash in the player below.

Pulled from the Pit drops May 7. Pre-order it digitally or on CD via Bandcamp or the Redefining Darkness Records webstore.