Blast Worship: Chadhel

Where they from?
Quebec. I know I’m not alone in saying this but, BRING BACK THE NORDIQUES! I was lucky enough to go to Quebec Deathfest in 2019 (in the before times) and despite getting to see one of my all-time bucket list bands live (the mighty Brodequin) the absolute highlight of the trip for me was finding a Quebec Nordiques’ beanie in the athletic store down the street. One of the all-time best logos in professional sports and they gave us Peter Forsberg on top of that! BRING BACK THE ‘DIQUES, YOU DICKS!

Why the hype?
So, back in December of 2020, Kshitiz Moktan of grindcore pioneers Chepang put together the world’s first online grindcore festival, Global Grindcore Alliance! (Rumor is he’s planning another follow up in May with some even more killer bands). As difficult a year it was for discovering new music in 2020, these Quebecians instantly caught my ear. They play deathgrind the right way, with the spastic parts just splaying out in front of you in every possible direction until the timely breakdowns come in and like a lasso around your feet, hang you from the ceiling. I think I saw that in a Clint Eastwood movie once… damn, what was the name of it? Ugh, I can’t remember. Anywho, this band is sure to scratch all the itches of people who miss bands like Maruta and Priapus. I know I sure do!

Latest release?
Split with Assidious Assault. Lots of straight BANGERS on this one but I’d like to take a second to highlight “Blood of the Hybrids.” which starts off with some TASTEFUL NU METAL CHUGGING before contorting itself into one hell of a Discordance Axis impression. That’s right, in 2021 we can use nu metal tastefully and there’s nothing wrong with that? Oh, I just remembered the name of the movie… MILLION DOLLAR BABY!