Full Album Premiere: The Plague ‘Within Death’

The Plague

Deep, in the bowels of Sydney slum Darling Point, emerges via Nordic winds, cross-Equatorial maggots, and sea-faring vermin death metal outfit The Plague. The group, featuring members of Charting the Depths of Despair and Roadside Burial, got its auspicious, Stockholm-inspired start in 2016. The Plague issued their debut EP, Mass Genocide, on the She’ll Be Right label in 2017 before a years-long dead silent slumber. Behind the scenes, The Plague were killing it, writing the crushing material that would end up as Within Death. Promising as a building collapsing on a cemetery, The Plague parlayed their penchant for nasty ‘n’ brutal old-school Swedish death metal into a deal with Aussie upstart label Bitter Loss (Rotten Coffin). Together, they plotted the demise of posers and wannabes from New South Wales to the European mainland.

The Plague burps: “We strive to stay true to our influences of vintage ’90s death metal and pay homage to bands such as Dismember, Pestilence and Carcass, and this is evident within our sound and songwriting. Within Death is an accumulation of our history as a band and as fans of the genre, and we hope we can drag a few punters along for the ride…”

Indeed, The Plague have Decibel riding shotgun in their proverbial hearse. Together, our evil-eyed strategy is to bring more rotten-to-the-core members of the New Wave of Swedish Not-Swedish Death Metal (NWOSNSDM) along for a ride. Through the midnight hour and into the slaughterhouse, Decibel and The Plague are screaming in horror to fans of Fatalist, Revel in Flesh, Dawn of Disease, and the mighty Gatecreeper. One jam through Within Death — check out “Mind Eraser,” “Spawn of Monstrosity,” and “Drones” — is enough to make believers out of veteran and neophyte alike. Decay with The Plague today!

** The Plague’s new album, Within Death, is out April 30th on Australia-based indie Bitter Loss. Pre-orders for this sick slab of insanity are HERE. CD and LP t-shirt bundles are available… before you cross the everflowing stream.