Track Premieres: Human Obliteration and Vile Species Deliver a Grind Double-Dose

Sacramento’s Human Obliteration released one of our favorite albums last year, the thrash/grind monument Definition of Insanity, and are back to ruin your 2021 with a brand new split with Athens-based maniacs Vile Species. The Human O crew bring back more of the quirky Sabbath and Van Halen parts inter-spliced with ferocious S.O.D. gone grind blasts that would serve just a good soundtrack to skateboarding as circle-pitting — as long as everyone is wearing a mask! There’s even a total face-melter of a guitar solo on album closer “Point the Finger.” A guitar solo? In a grindcore song? Man, COVID really has changed everything.

Tapes of the split will soon be available on No Time Records! Until then, jam below.