Blast Worship: Last Days of Humanity

Where they from?
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. I always get the Netherlands and Holland mixed up, but then I realized that they were actually the same place. It’s pretty confusing, also people from there are called Dutch? I’m supposed to remember that Dutch people are from the Netherlands, which is also called Holland? Jesus. That’s like when people give me a hard time for saying “America” instead of “The United States of America.” Like, WTF? I can’t even with this shit anymore (which is oddly, probably the most American thing I’ve ever said).

Why the hype?
If you have never heard of this band before, you are not in the right place. This Dutch group (from Holland) are not just the standard bearers of hyper noisy goregrind, they are the originators of the entire sound. Their 2006 LP Putrefaction in Progress is a landmark album of this entire micro-genre and is the LP to which every Sulfuric Cautery, Human Effluence and Deterioration must compete with in terms of pure mangled-ness and un-listenability. The band had established an unshakeable formula of unintelligible guitar work, impossibly pitch-shifted vocals and drumming that married intensity with unhinged sloppiness that pushed their music past the typical standards of what could be considered grindcore and into the territory of pure harsh noise. This sound was their bread and butter until…

Latest Release?
Horrific Compositions of Decomposition, released earlier this month on Rotten Roll Rex records. Some longtime LDOH diehard fans might be disappointed that you can actually kind of hear what’s going on in this record. The guitars in particular have been adjusted so that you can actually make out what they’re doing! But fear not, it’s actually pretty cool! Songs like “Molecular Shutdown of the Hematopoietic Cells” and “Tumorous Parenchyma of Red Corpuscles” have some pretty sweet Carcass-inspired gory riffage that could possibly invite in the uninitiated? If you are still looking for unlistenability here, the vocals should suffice: They are still just an absolutely abhorrent vomit of pitch-shifted belches that take over the music at times. Perfect stuff to barf out a lung to. Oh, those Dutch.