Split Premiere: Mausoleum and Anatomia – “Nyctophilia”

Get ready to rage, death metal maniacs- Decibel has a treat for you today. Nyctophilia is a new split from Mausoleum and Anatomia arriving on March 12 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. But you don’t have to wait until then to hear the entire thing, because we have it streaming here today. Mausoleum, marking 20 years as a band, has honed their sound into pure, menacing death metal terror; ideal for fans of Autopsy, Asphyx and Entombed. According to Mausoleum:

Nyctophilia was a raw, spontaneous writing endeavor with better production than anything done previously. Unlike all the others, it was completely written and recorded in the studio within a short amount of time. This is Mausoleum at its finest!”

If Mausoleum takes you to the burial site, Japan’s Anatomia just pulls you right into the dirt, slowly … and just leaves you there to rot. Here’s how they put it:

“Disgustingly heavy, abysmal horror death-doom madness by two veterans! One of the must-have splits out today!”

Mausoleum brings the explosives, Anatomia is the avalanche of mud- two forces working in tandem to produce a marriage made in the grave. Check out the split in all it’s deadly glory below, and check out the Bandcamp page for pre-order information.