Full Album Premiere: Significant Point ‘Into the Storm’

Significant Point

Japan’s Significant Point were formed way back in 2011. The Tokyo-based quintet are now, however, just getting to their debut full-length, Into the Storm, via Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions. What’s so entirely refreshing about Significant Point is that they don’t adhere to any of the offensive tenets of “Kawaii metal.” Right, no Babymetal, no Ladybaby, or Band-Maid here. Just hard-hitting trad-inspired heavy metal from the present. Indeed, Significant Point are closer to Haunt, Pounder, or Savage Master with naturally formed cultural flecks of Seikima-II, Action!, and, of course, Loudness.

Fans of the hard, fast, and loud will immediately notice the high-flying guitar acrobatics (think Akira Takasaki, the Saxon boys, Accept’s dangerous duo, or Iron Maiden’s pre-Gers configuration) of Gou Takeuch and Kazuki Kuwagaki across songs like “Attacker,” “Heavy Metal Attack,” “Night of the Axe,” and “Deathrider.” The duo shred frets like they’re never gonna do it again. They’re frenetic players, able to riff and solo like fuckin’ metal veterans. Frontman George Itoh (also of Risingfall, Military Shadow) has a set of pipes that distinguishes him from most new heavy metal vocalists. He’s a wailer, spirited in his delivery and right on in terms of old-school vibe. I mean, one listen through “Riders under the Sun” and it’s apparent Itoh’s a rising vocal star. As for the rest of Significant Point, they’re bravely holding fort. Drummer Itomentor Witchslaughter (aka Ryo Ito) and bassist Kazuhiro Watanabe expertly set the foundation. No frills but rock solid, they provide the platform for songs like “You’ve Got the Power” and “Run for Your Life” to be as wildly fun and fuckin’ metal as possible.

“Hi, I’m Gou, the guitarist of Significant Point. We are very excited to announce that our first full album Into the Storm will be released on Dying Victims Productions. Thank you for streaming our album! This album contains 10 of the best songs I’ve written in the 10 years since the band was formed. When you listen to the album, you will see a wide variety of heavy metal songs, like a storybook. I think you can feel the 10-year history of the band! We hope you guys will enjoy! Thank you!”

With that, let’s go smash posers to Significant Point’s jams–Oh, while we’re at it and since it’s Monday, let’s decimate that nasty Kaiju that’s been farting around Tokyo Bay!

** Significant Point’s much-anticipated new album, Into the Storm, is out February 26th via Germany-based indie Dying Victims Productions. Pre-orders are live for LP (HERE) and CD (HERE).