Album Premiere: Upon the Altar – ‘Absid ab Ordine Luminis’

Upon the Altar band photo

Polish napalm wolves Upon the Altar are on a mission to destroy all life. At least that’s what it sounds like on their debut album, Absid ab Ordine Luminis. They play blackened death metal, tangling roots with the genre-defying extreme metal of the early ’90s. Their debut from the Putrid Cult label will take no prisoners once released on February 19th. We’re eager to inflict this suffocating awesomeness upon you, exclusively at Decibel Magazine.

Upon the Altar’s riffs feel like a midnight inferno spreading to scorch the earth. There are technically chapters in this album, commonly known as songs. But the album’s power fucking quadruples when you listen to it as a a single complete composition. The crawling nightmare synth concluding “Mortuus Est Rex” is the only opportunity to catch your breath. There is no other reprieve from the rancid blasting and gurgling distortion. Like similarly dense albums from Vassafor or Teitanblood, it feels like you’re caught in a tornado of raw meat and barbed wire. Consider this your weather alert.

“We are Upon The Altar,” the band writes in a statement. “No crystalline sound. No polished, touching solos. And no virtuosity. Some pure, evil tribute to the ’90s. Only the endless black hatred and one clear manifesto—destroy all life.

“If you’re not convinced yet, get the fuck out,” the band continues. “But if yes, come with us to the dangerous areas of cemeteries, where ritual mutilation go hand in hand with bodily pleasures. And try not to kill any living being while listening to this morbid hymn of total extinction.”

Go grab a cozy spot in the closest graveyard and press play on this beast NOW.

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