Blast Worship: Pari’sya

Where they from?
Munich, Germany. When I hear Munich I think of the Steven Spielberg movie of the same name, which I just looked up and it only has a 78% on Rotten Tomatoes? Isn’t that some bullshit? I feel like every movie that comes out and gets overhyped you see a “99%” on Rotten Tomatoes! The Last Jedi has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Are we really gonna sit here and act like that’s a fair statement, that a piddling piece of garbage from a sequel trilogy that no one asked for is 12% better than a movie that me and my Dad thoroughly enjoyed watching for the first time last year? I don’t think so, buddy; not on my watch.

Why the hype?
Despite both genres having been around for 30+ years at this point, it’s kind of surprising how few bands have tried to mix grindcore with black metal. Sure, there’s war metal but I feel like a band just receptively playing sloppy blast beats into a wind turbine doesn’t really strike me as being in particular coherence with the spirit of grindcore. Grind is fast but it’s also crazy, and changes, and there’s other stuff, too!

This is why I was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled up thee music of this desolate German outfit, Pari‘sya. Imagine a Grindcore Karaoke-era cybergrind basement band but with just a hint of Scandinavian blackness. It’s like the computerized, panic-chord madness of Xythlia but with Darkthronee corpsepaint. It’s like… eh, you get the picture.

Latest release?
SOG EP. Interesting thing about this one is that the drums are mixed so low that it actually gives the music a more ambient nature as a whole, which is odd considering how incredibly violent and discordant it is. This is probably a tribute to its black metal leanings, given that particular genre’s emphasis on dark, ethereal soundscape than the heavy pressure-blasting of your typical Bryan Fajardo unit.