For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Revulsion and The Ruins of Beverast

Hey, guys, by now you have seen that Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest has been moved to late September. It’s cool, though, it’s way better to be safe in these uncertain times. Further info can be found here. Anyway, it’s your old boy Waldo here to let you in on some new release info…

I was going to review Korpiklaani, but Finland’s Revulsion is much more in my wheelhouse. Finland has a pretty broad history of metal in general (I mean, what else are you supposed to do when it’s cold and dark for over half of the year?) This is Revulsion’s first full length, and is entitled Revulsion—super original, I know. This is death metal, like 100% death metal, and speaking of original, this isn’t. What this is though is pretty intense. The production here is dirty, but “clean” and all the instruments are present and intelligible, but still have an “edge” to them. One thing that REALLY sticks out (in a good way) is the bass. It’s present without overshadowing any of the million riffs and isn’t just content to follow the guitars around. The best track by far is the album’s closer, “Viimeinen Rituaali,” which really lays the riffs on thick and ends with a bang. This record shows a lot of promise. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Not being a huge black metal fan, it’s not always fair for me to review some of it. That being said, I’ve moderately followed The Ruins of Beverast for a little bit now and feel like I am adept enough to give a peck to their new release, The Thule Grimoires. So, after releasing some splits last year, this full length shows the band building off of that material and may be their most impressive to date. This is a more ethereal affair, with the production lending to the overall feel. There are some tracks that clock in over eight minutes, so this can come across as same-y at times. The vocals are pretty screeched (with some clean vocals thrown in), and the melodic solos really stick out as a welcome counterpoint to the noisy riffage. Black metal fans will not be disappointed with this. 8 Fucking Pecks.

That’s all I got this time, so until next time… Waldo out!