Album Premiere: Satanize – Baphomet Altar Worship

By now our readers should be well acquainted with the hellraising Portuguese black metal duo Satanize who formed 20 years ago and have spent the past 15 years propagating the global underground with release after release of their signature bestial and grinding violence. 

Beginning in 2006, with the band’s self-titled demo tape, Satanize have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with that stands untouched by the comings and goings of trends. Now the duo of  Reverend of the Hell Legions and Macabre Tyranny & Reverend of Diabolical Services and Sinister Sorcery stand poised to unleash their unholy and mighty sixth full-length album, Baphomet Altar Worship.

Out on Helter Skelter, Baphomet Altar Worship, according to the cloven-hoofed shredders themselves, represents “a mass of violence and impurity.” The band continues to say, “[This album] reflects the barbaric nature of our music, and the entire primitive environment of what we wanted to achieve. We have been in the shadows of existence for a long time, and we inten[d] to continue so, always in a prolific way. We breathe strongly and we will continue to see the others fall in their own falseness and greed.”

Baphomet Altar Worship

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