Video Premiere: Black Magnet — “Divination Equipment”

Hallucination Scene was one of the absolute most pleasant heavy music surprises — ambushes? — of 2020: Black Magnet delivered a driving, enlivening, super diverse dark industrial metal masterpiece that is forward-thinking even as it nods to eternal classics in the space like circa Selfless Godflesh, mid-era Pitchshifter, and Front Line Assembly-esque digi-hellscapes.

Want to sample the…samples? Well, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of a video for one of the best tracks off that banger, “Divination Equipment,” posted below!

“The video was filmed in our practice space that was being unknowingly renovated at the time,” Black Magnet founder James Hammontree tells Decibel of the clip assembled by himself, Paris Gray, Eric Gorman, and Ryne K. Bratcher. “It was a total wreck and all of our gear was covered in dust and concrete shrapnel when we came into film it, which seemed to add to the mood. The live shots were filmed by our friend Paris Gray and the rest of the content was shot by the band on itself. We chose this song as the video single because it has the most cinematic sound and contains the strongest lyrical content on the album. While the song is about ceasing to exist, it’s not exactly about dying. Becoming a part of something infinite and still unknown is even more horrifying.”

Hallucination Scene is available via 20 Buck Spin and Bandcamp.