Album Premiere: Engulfed – Vengeance of the Fallen

Serkan, Aberrant and Mustafa, Engulfed’s vocalist/bassist, drummer and guitarist (respectively), have stood as pillars of the European death metal underground for ten years and counting, active in so many bands, e.g. Hyperdontia, Burial Invocation, Decaying Purity, Diabolizer, that even if you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Engulfed, you’ve almost certainly heard something else these three get up to. But Engulfed are a different beast entirely…

Perhaps the Instanbul-based trio’s debut full-length 2017’s Engulfed in Obscurity remained a little too-true to its title, but with London powerhouse Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Colorado death metal compound Dark Descent backing their follow-up EP, Engulfed may finally get the attention they seriously deserve. Wielding a mountain-sized, epic and melodic-but-still-brutal kind of death metal across four absolute crushers, Engulfed sound heavier, tighter and more dead-set on conquering the global death metal scene than ever on this pithy mLP Vengeance of the Fallen, out next week on 12″ vinyl, CD and pro-tape. 

“The ideas and inspirations for this 4-song mini album accumulated over time after our first album Engulfed In Obscurity,” the band explains.  “These tracks, which we see as an inseparable whole, drag the listener into an eerie darkness and are accompanied by the extraordinary artwork of our recently lost friend, Timo Ketola. We are sure to breathe this ominous air before a new full-length, which will bring a unique flavor to the regular listeners of this style.”

Vengeance of the Fallen 

Get Vengeance of the Fallen on 12″ vinyl from Me Saco Un Ojo

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