For Those About Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Undergang and Paradise Lost

I am thankful for my reviews that Decibel allows me to do. That’s the thing, not all are well written (I am a parrot, after all), and not all are good, but you know, I’m thankful to be doing them. So, here we go.

You want some Danish? How about some OLD-SCHOOL DANISH MOTHER PECKING DEATH METAL?!?! Undergang are back at it with their fifth, Aldrig I livet. What’s there to be said about this? It’s badass. Death metal that’s played in a total cacophonous style. This is guttural. I mean, this is putrid sounding, and it should be. These guys are known for this sound, and they BRING it on this. The vocals are nasty-ass growls and the guitars are tuned to like “Z” or something. This isn’t just pure savagery, as there are some heavy doomy, spaced-out sections that break up what might be a little monotonous. No fretting though old fans, this does not get into “Blood Incantation space-y territory.” In fact, it comes across as more “Autopsy-ish” without sounding like Autopsy AT ALL. By far their most “diverse” record, this one rips. Peep it or be a poser. 9 Fucking Pecks.

The releases slow down this time of year. In fact, from here on out, it’ll be harder for me to “peck” stuff. Reissues also tend to pop up a lot now, highlighted by deluxe, ultra-deluxe and SUPER-ULTRA-DELUXE reissues. Death/doomsters Paradise Lost are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their amazing Draconian Times with a fine new reissue. Of course, this is released on CD and limited vinyl formats, and I have to say that the packaging here is way cool. Featuring new/updated liner notes and rare and unreleased racks from the Draconian Times era, this is definitely a cool piece. Nothing too shocking or out of the ordinary as far as a reissue is concerned, but it is a good chance to pick up this gem if you don’t already have it. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Happy Thanksgiving, foos… Waldo OUT!