Album Premiere: Fuck the Facts – ‘Pleine Noirceur’

Quebec grind experimentalists Fuck the Facts have never been a band to sit too still, which is why the five years of silence that they’re about to break came as a bit of a surprise to fans of the band. But the wait is worth it, as they’re about to release their new full-length, Pleine Noirceur, on their own Noise Salvation Records, and we’ve got an exclusive stream for you today.

The album, which follows up 2015’s Desire Will Rot, takes all the curveballs that you’ve come to expect from Fuck the Facts—from short grind blasters to technical grindcore to melodic death metal—and adds in new sounds, the band spreading their wings into arenas that, if you squint your eyes hard enough, could be called post-punk or, at the very least, emotion-drenched gothic sludge. Or something. It’s Fuck the Facts, it’s weird, it’s alarmingly cohesive, and it’s awesome.

“We’ve always done what we wanted, but this release has even fewer barriers and is much more focused on the album as a whole,” says guitarist Topon Das. “The whole creative process this time around just felt more natural, without any pressure or distractions, and I think taking a break helped recharge the creative juices and enabled us to make a record that is uniquely Fuck the Facts. From the artwork [vocalist] Mel [Mongeon] created to the production of the album, it’s all part of the package of what we do and I couldn’t be prouder of this record.”

“I’m pretty stoked that our new album is finally coming out,” says Mongeon. “After more than five years of silence, it was a little scary to release music again, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’re receiving, and just the amount of shipping we have to process! I’m really proud of this album as it feels like us, from the visual to the music and lyrics. I just love the musical journey it brings me on, from fast-paced anger to mellow and heart-wrenching moments. Lyrically, I was able to touch on some difficult subjects and it resulted in my most confident work.”

“There are a lot of different moods and colours on Pleine Noirceur, and I think you really need to listen to the album from start to finish to experience the journey,” adds drummer Mathieu Vilandré. “As we go through these uncertain times, I hope this album brings you a bit of joy. Now it’s time to go work on whatever is coming next.”

Preorder the album here and check out Pleine Noirceur in its entirety right here: