Album Premiere: Horncrowned – ‘Rex Exterminii (The Hand of the Opposer)’

Horncrowned band photo

Colombian black metal squadron Horncrowned formed in 2001. The title of their debut two years later perfectly encapsulates their intent: The Rise of Satan’s Artillery. Horncrowned have long obsessed over the battle of Armageddon as a concept for the band’s lyrical focus. They envision darkness consuming light, and their music pays tribute to that territorial dispute. But their bullet-belts aren’t the only armaments they have ready for the end of days. Their upcoming record Rex Exterminii (The Hand of the Opposer) is a blackened barrage. Take cover now if you’re not a fiend for blastbeats, because this album could set off air-raid sirens.

While blinding speed and scorched tremolos dominate Horncrowned’s compositions, guitarists Demongoat and Ferat weave unnerving melodies into the fray. “Ultima Combustione” invites hypnotic serpentine leads to accompany Demongoat’s caustic snarls. “Unrepentant” begins with an unapologetically haywire solo before stomping into one of the album’s most restrained grooves. After the crackle of fire ignites “Incendium,” that tracks emerges as one of the album’s most tantalizing occult atmospheres. Well, at least until “Burnt Offering” supplants it with an even brighter glow. Based on the explicit artwork and the militant aesthetics of the band, you might expect Horncrowned to be one-speed black metal Gatling guns spitting out riffs. But this album strengthens as it unfolds, varying speeds and rhythms while retaining its heart of brimstone. Listen to Rex Exterminii (The Hand of the Opposer) now, before the album is released by Ketzer Records on November 20th.

Crush the anointed one by pressing play on Horncrowned’s new Bible-bashing opus below. Scroll further for an interview with Horncrowned vocalist/guitarist Demongoat.

Decibel Magazine with Horncrowned vocalist/guitarist Demongoat:

It has been 4 years since your last EP, and 6 since your last full-length album. What changes did you want to make to your sound on Rex Exterminii?

Demongoat: I have always wanted to achieve a more brutal sound than previous productions throughout almost 20 years of work, so this time I worked on the mixing and mastering of the album myself. I think the sound achieved is what we wanted.

Once it’s safe to have concerts, which new songs are you most excited to play for audiences?

D: Within the Horncrowned live set-list I always try to include songs from all productions. I hope to include at least 3 or 4 songs from the new album (can be these: “Rex Exterminii,” “The Second Death,” “Die Judicii” and “Ultima Combustione”)

You’ve had Satanic themes since the band first formed. Are your lyrics still primarily concerned with Christianity’s destructive reign?

D: The main theme of the band is the final judgment and the battle of Armageddon where the evil side triumphs. We have always explored different panoramas within this theme.

The album art by Mitchell Nolte is incredible and unsettling. What sort of image or scene did you request when sending ideas to the artist?

D: We work together on the idea and the final result perfectly represents the album title. Basically the king of extermination and death appears, accompanied by his horde of demons, who comes with his hand to give the last stab to Christ, in the middle of the battle of Armageddon.

What do you have planned for the band after this cursed year of 2020?

D: After the release and promotion of Rex Exterminii album, we will start working on celebrating the band’s 20 years coming up next year, so wait for more news from Horncrowned.

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