Album Premiere: Guignol Noir – Mantric Malediction

Mantric Malediction, available Friday from UK-based Repose Records, represents the Swiss black metal duo Guigol Noir’s first album since forming, apparently, well over a decade ago. In 2016, the duo’s first proper recording leaked into the world, a two-track promo CD limited to 100 copies, titled Ritual ov Initiation. Meanwhile, Ritual’s opener can be found nestled among the 10 other similarly twisted and heady black spells that compose Guignol Noir’s full-length debut album. 

On Mantric Malediction, instrumentalist Cheib and voice Schiach sound very much like two glowing-eyed esotericists who have spent the past thirteen years in studious seclusion, writing and perfecting the multilayered attack that awaits you below. Exuding evidence of the forbidden erudition that informed its serpentine riffs and demonspeak vocals, Guignol Noir’s album yet possesses an urgency that sounds at times like the powers on display here nearly got away from these two reclusive schwartzkünstlers. 


“It took us 13 years but it was worth it,” confirms the band. “Hail death and never stop the madness!”

Mantric Malediction

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