Obituary’s Live Stream Concert Series Continues Saturday With ‘Cause of Death!’

In April 2019, just under 2,000 unblessed souls experienced Obituary‘s first-ever live performance of Cause of Death — one of the greatest death metal albums ever recorded — in its entirety. You guys are totally welcome. Those of you who couldn’t make it to the Fillmore Philly get a chance at redemption tomorrow when Obituary host the second in their live stream series, this one being the first-ever live stream performance of Cause of Death in its entirety. Tickets are just $15 and available here. Or you can grab the three-show bundle for just $40 and get access to last week’s performance of their debut classic Slow We Rot in its entirety as well as next week’s final livestream of rare and special tracks! The CoD stream will be live from the ESI Streaming Studio in Tampa, FL. The third stream will be broadcasted live from the band’s recording studio in Gibsonton, FL.

“The World Health Organization has announced an earth shattering advisory,” says the band. “They’ve tried to develop a vaccine… they’re employing any treatment they can think of….but upon repeated examination and the indisputable death toll it has been confirmed… THERE IS NO CURE FOR METAL!!!!! And with that in mind, we aim to deliver you from the pain within… the pain without this intangible substance your soul survives to crave… and present you with a trifecta of infectious disease that is sure to please your senses… socially distanced, WE WILL ROT TOGETHER!!!!!!”

So, go! To find the arise… or at the very least, find the best, safest concert experience you can enjoy this weekend!