Album Premiere: Frostvore – ‘Drowned by Blood’

Frostvore band photo

Back from the grave after changing their name from Frostbite, Japanese quartet Frostvore tout Swedeath’s putrid appeal. Their Drowned by Blood debut LP boasts an HM-2 roar from the same obscure infinity as genre giants like Grave and Dissection. Fans of Stockholm’s buzzsaw guitar tone will eagerly dive into Frostvore’s crimson waters. Out August 28th from Testimony Records, Decibel Magazine has an exclusive early premiere of the album to flood your lungs with gore.

After the discordant clanging of “Abandoned,” “Blackfield” races in with a violent thrust and harmonized leads. The song might trudge through blood and mud, but the solos soar through the polluted ether. Frostvore’s songwriting is varied without sacrificing the familiar Swedeath grooves born from Nihilist’s grimy punk underbelly. “The Reaper” and “Lake of Vein” are standout tracks with some of the album’s most diverse and surprisingly triumphant riffs. The title track shifts from caveman chugs to malignant melodicism. Vocalist Satoshi Fukuda’s toxic snarls in “Eroded Mind” gave a Pungent Stench fanatic like me goosebumps. If you follow Testimony Records you know their roster is stacked with old school death metal that keep their influences entrenched in the genre’s golden age. Frostvore honor old school pursuits without succumbing to staleness. By the time the last note of “Unholy Mountain” crumbles, Drowned by Blood emerges as a wild-blooded rebirth for Frostvore.

Stream Frostvore’s Drowned by Blood below before it’s released on August 28th. Dive into their lake of ruptured veins and press play NOW.

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