Track Premiere: Vital Spirit – “Centaur”

Vital Spirit’s debut EP, In The Faith That Looks Through Death, stands at the dusty, desolate crossroads between atmospheric black metal, soaring and epic post-metal, folk black metal and straight-up spaghetti western anthems.

Written and performed by Seer’s Kyle Tavares and drummer Israel Langlais (both of whom also pull live duty for Wormwitch), these four songs that represent Vital Spirit’s debut recording blend the four abovementioned genres into an honestly breath-taking performance. Pushing but never tearing the boundaries of black metal, Vital Spirit arrive charged with inspiration, bearing fire-hot black metal fury you gotta hear to believe. Today it’s our to privilege to premiere the first single from Vital Spirit’s four-song debut. Out Friday August 28 on pro-tape from Hidden Tribe, and, eventually, on 12” vinyl from Vendetta Records, In The Faith That Looks Through Death stands as a remarkable, highly auspicious debut.

“‘Centaur’ is written about Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who to this day remains one of the best-known personalities in Mexican history,” explains Kyle Tavares of Vital Spirit via a statement prepared for today’s single premiere. Kyle continues: “I put together the lyrics for Centaur by reworking passages from various corridos of the Mexican Revolution, evoking Villa’s triumphs and tribulations as commander of the División del Norte. Part Storm of the Light’s Bane, part A Fistful of Dollars, part folk ballad; Centaur demonstrates the dominant elements of Vital Spirit’s sound and does well to introduce listeners to the band.”



Preorder In The Faith That Looks Through Death now from Hidden Tribe. 

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