Album Premiere: Shezmu – À Travers les Lambeaux

Shezmu formed as a duo in 2016 and released their demo the following year. With one of 2017’s strongest demos under their name, the Quebec duo continued to explore their own ancient history-inspired mutation of black/death/doom metal across two EPs in 2018. That same year, they also welcomed a bassist into their fold. Then the Shezmu camp fell silent.

Now we know why. The Montréal trio had been hard at work dredging up sounds, ideas and riffs from the darkside of human existence for their debut full-length À Travers les Lambeaux. Seven tracks long, but infinitely vast and leagues deep, Shezmu’s debut album is a veritable black hole of extreme metal. Once inside, genre boundaries are broken and expectations are shredded. Shezmu themselves consider À Travers les Lambeaux their “most personal” work to date, describing it as a “triumph of darkness over sanity.”

Out on CD July 29 from Krucyator Productions, but we’ve secured an early stream of the album for our readers. 

À Travers les Lambeaux

Preorder À Travers les Lambeaux from Krucyator Productions now.