Video Premiere: Shrapnel – “Begin Again”

Photo By Ester Segarra

Brits Shrapnel paid tribute to a friend who died by suicide with “Begin Again,” which they’re now a visual accompaniment.

The animated video does a compelling and effective job of depicting isolation, loneliness and other mental health struggles. The long matches the somber mood, trading in the band’s trademark thrash for something slower. Ballad this ain’t, though, instead it grooves along and even incorporates a beautiful intro and interlude.

With such a personal story, we’ll leave the rest of the explanation to the band. Check out their heartfelt statement about the song and video below.

“We’re really proud to present the new video for ‘Begin Again’ from the new record!

“The song holds a lot of meaning for us personally, as it deals with a lot of issues surrounding mental health. It came together following the passing of a friend of the band, and the entire U.K. thrash scene. It was a really shocking and upsetting experience for us, as we all had great memories with him and he was really important throughout the history of our band. Each of us has had our experience with mental health concerns, so it was a cathartic experience creating the song, and talking through some of these things. The song is really different for us, and we love it.

“Costin Chioreanu (Ghost, Arch Enemy), who designed the cover for the new record, did an incredible job on the video. He took a lot of influence from his own experiences in creating both. We were blown away!

“On another level, the song shows that we’re not afraid to step outside the boundaries of thrash and bring something new to the table. I don’t think many thrash bands could or would write a song like ‘Begin Again’. We sought to make something that places us among the best and most diverse thrash bands out there today.

“There was a lesson in this for us. If you’re feeling alone, or feeling like there’s no escape from the things weighing you down—especially during the COVID crisis—please reach out and talk to someone. People can seem fine, but be struggling inside. Please look after yourselves, and look out for your friends and family.”

Palace of the Insane was released May 15 via Candlelight Records. You can purchase it here.