Mick Barr Takes You to the 12th Chamber

From one of the minds who brought you Diotoma comes something a little different.

But is it really different? When listening to the mesmerizing tremelo-picking so common to black metal, it often resembles the sonic effect unleashed by traditional string instruments. Indeed, there are plenty of classical compositions that could fit well into a metal framework if transposed into electric guitars, electric bass and a modern drumset. But what if you reversed this dichotomy and took a distinctly metallic approach to classical instruments?

Well, then you’d get something similar to what Krallice’s Mick Barr has composed for 12th Chamber, a collection of chamber music performed by ACME, three musicians playing either string musicians or piano. The collection is available today via Bandcamp.

Check out a 2012 performance of “Fothem” below. What should you expect? The dramatic effect is very similar to that of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons (Le Quattro Stagioni)” and, naturally, Shostakovich’s “Chamber Symphony, Op. 110a.” The atmosphere captured by the three musicians is nothing short of captivating, so I’m not exaggerating when referencing those two composers. Listen for yourself: