Five Doom Classics that Evaded Our Yearbook: 1995 Issue’s Top 40 Albums of the Year List

The following piece, written by Chris Chantler, was originally scheduled to run in our new Decibel Yearbook: 1995 issue, but was cut for space as we went to print. Enjoy this Decibel “bonus track” and order the 1995 issue here for more on one of the most important years in extreme metal history! 

Saint Vitus
Die Healing
Welcoming back Scott Reagers’ possessed pipes for one last LP (they thought), the L.A. trailblazers reasserted their mastery all over these grave raves.

Arctic Serenades
Funeral’s crushing lachrymatory tactics helped lend the band’s name to a subgenre soon to enshrine this obsessively desolate debut’s quirks as standards.

Paul Chain
Sagely headhunting Lee Dorrian for lyrics and vocals on side two, the wizardly ex-Death SS guitarist struck doom gold throughout this madly occult sixth solo LP.

Beyond Dawn
Pity Love
These offbeat Norsemen arguably trounced all ’95’s weepiest swooning goth-doom with the bittersweet intensity of this beguilingly singular avant-noir debut.

Into the Autumn Shade
Brutish, but chillingly atmospheric, these Brooklyn bruisers wrapped up their swinging, behind-the-beat fills and dark chromatic gloom in a wild, undulating mix.