Album Premiere: The Path of Memory ‘Hell is Other People’

The Path of Memory

The Path of Memory are a new death rock/post-punk act out of Switzerland. Their origins remain a mystery outside of the fact that involvement in black metal is known. To that end, The Path of Memory, in its downtrodden gaze, reminds of the glory days of Gargoyle Sox, Bay Laurel and Ståålfågel, with the contemporary stylings of Whispering Sons, Grave Pleasures, and Truth Club. Of course, all this is without losing sight of the inky desolation The Path of Memory were involved in before finding solace in Andy McCoy’s baritone howl or Brendan Perry’s marble-smooth medieval croon. Well, debut album, Hell is Other People (Iron BoneHead), feels like it was carved out of the purest multi-generational strata, where The Path of Memory plated only the most delectable and emotive bits to be inspired by and craft from. All things Team Decibel can stand behind, really.

The Path of Memory says: “After several years of dedication to nourish the Black Flames that burns upon the Altar of Black Metal, the will of different horizons gave birth to a new pact: The Path of Memory. I let my interest for some Post-Punk/Goth Rock sounds penetrates my musical world. Influenced by names like Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy or Dead Can Dance, but without forgetting my extreme roots, my purpose is to create a dark, immersive, honest testimony. This first album appears as a sonic catharsis that will drown you into an abysmal world made of scars, trauma and fears.”

Mondays are always big downers. Blue Mondays. Rainy Mondays. Let’s see how deep Mondays can go with The Path of Memory’s Hell is Other People.

** The Path of Memory’s new album, Hell is Other People, is out June 19th on Iron BoneHead Productions. Digital pre-orders can be found at Bandcamp (HERE) and physical can be found shortly at Iron BoneHead’s Germany-based shop (HERE).