Blast Worship: FUCKED

Where they from?
More like, where HE from? That’s right, another one-man band and HE’S from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I can’t think of a less brutal-sounding town for a grindcore band to be from than Myrtle Beach. It almost undoes any type of edginess or anger inherent in the music. Like, “Yeah, that band’s pretty heavy, I’m sure they had plenty of inspiration from growing up in the SAND DUNES of good ol’ MYRTLE BEACH”. Isn’t that town mostly known for a golf course or some shit?

Why the hype?
One of the rare cool things I get to do as a music journalist (that’s being generous) is witness a grindcore band EVOLVE throughout their career (also generous). Since it’s debut internet EP in 2016, FUCKED hopped through a variety of styles on their earliest releases before landing on one specifically for the majority of their albums for the next three years, namely a cross between feedback-drenched Full of Hell-esque grind with elements of Nails and other more hardcore infused grind bands, albeit with the element of programmed drums that are rather tastefully pulled off for the most part. Even though though I felt the music was done well, it’s a style that had lost a bit of luster for me personally since I felt there was a seemingly endless array of bands churning out tough guy grind, so I kept FUCKED on the back burner until I hear their latest…

Latest Release?
Hypersomnia. OK, it’s technically not their LATEST release, but HOLY SHIT, this thing fucking rules! This is one of the few examples of grindcore being mixed with black metal elements and it coming out really well. There are moments here that remind me of Syntax and all those bands you used to listen to on Grindcore Karaoke back in 2011 (truly a blessed time in all of our lives).  If I had to pick a favorite song it would be “Capture Statis” which features a majestic clean tremelo guitar line that’s part Asterisk*, part Beaten to Death and all parts amazing and memorable. It’s seriously been a long ass time since any album with the “grind” tag on Bandcamp has captured my imagination like this, so give it a whirl, won’t you?