Video Premiere: Guild Of Lore – “Sojourn & Return”

From Visalia, California, Guild Of Lore ranks as one of the top-tier dungeon synth acts of the modern resurgence thanks to an impressive discography that began with their 2018 debut, Winterstead. Now Guild Master Ingsmith, the sole musician behind Guild Of Lore, will bring his art full circle. After releasing several incredible releases inspired by video games such as Elder Scrolls Guild Of Lore have joined forces with developers Blackwood Specter to provide the soundtrack for a new horror survival video game called Skin Witch.

Guild Master Ingsmith explains that the themes behind their soundtrack for Skin Witch, are not necessarily contingent on the game’s plots. They write: “The story within takes place not long after the transcriptions of Autumn Macabre.  Word of the Guild Master’s disappearance had spread to every faction across the realm, with a great deal of the Guild’s Keepers being dispatched to track him down. And as one of the younger factions, Winterstead answered the call wholeheartedly. Where beyond the western borders, a lone Guild Cleric who was aiding in the search began to feel a familiar presence. Summoning the magic of her snowpine lantern, the Cleric found her way through forests and streams to a grassy meadow in the night where she was led down through rocks and rolling knolls to find a bloodied body lying in the grass. Face down and barely breathing, she immediately knew it was the Guild Master and commenced casting a spell of revival.  Slowly and shaking, the Guild Master rose to his feet and thanked the Cleric. Asking where she had journeyed from, the girl informed Ingsmith of the many search parties around the world looking for him.  Adding to that she began to tell him of some unsettling stories happening in Winterstead, of which the Guild was extremely concerned. The Guild Master wasted no time and bade that she escort him back to the snow laden lands. So begins a new journey. So forth, to return to Winterstead…”


Get both Skin Witch and Guild Of Lore’s original soundtrack for the game on Friday May 22.