Split Premiere: Witchbones & Vide

The underground black metal label Jems will bring together two of the most promising new bands in USBM, Portland, Oregon’s Witchbones and Louisiana’s Vide. While the two acts may have little in common musically both brought to the split some of their most evocative material yet. Portland’s one-man black/death enigma starts off the split with an elegant dark ambient piece that’ll give you chills like walking into an empty, but not-unoccupied room before he sets loose “Oblivion Eternal.” The Louisianan newcomer closes things out with one of their best songs to date. A melancholic, but driving composition that will infect you with Vide bug instantaneously. 


“Vide and I both started roughly around the same time,” says Vardlokker, the man behind Witchbones. “We’ve both supported each other through this wave of black metal and I thought it would be cool to share our darkness together. The sound is quite different but the message remains the same.” 

Witchbones & Vide

Get the Witchbones & Vide split this Friday, May 15 from Jems Label.