Full Album Stream: Tithe — “Penance”

You may not be ready to pay penance. In about oh, say, thirty minutes you’re sure as hell going to be ready to buy Penance.

You can — and should! — simply click on the full stream below to find out why, but if you want the elevator (to Hell) pitch here it is: Portland, Oregon levelers Tithe infuses its unusually potent brand of high density sludge metal with elements of top-shelf death and grind more effectively and invigoratingly than any band in recent memory. In short, Penance is a marauding, adventurous extreme metal record that slays from first to last riff.

“The songs on the album are a cathartic release for me and were all cultivated from real life experiences,” guitarist Matt Eiseman tells Decibel. “Three of the songs were written while taking psychedelics daily and the rest were written after I took a break from microdosing. The songs delve into the ability of psychedelics to rewire the brain and change your perspective as well as the dark side of human nature and shitty life experiences. We are excited to release this album and to be able to share it with the world, we’re looking forward to hitting the road and playing these songs for you soon!”

Check the sick cover art by former Decibel cover star Jef Whitehead, too.

Penance is out May 15. Preorder via Bandcamp or the Tartarus Records online store.