Fudge Tunnel Release Live Album of 1993 Sets

Despite actually releasing their 1993 Creep Diets LP on a major label — mind you, through no fault of their own as part of the ill-fated Earache/Columbia deal — Fudge Tunnel were never interested in playing the music industry game. For starters, they fucking named their band Fudge Tunnel. Shortly thereafter, in 1991, they signed to what was then the most important heavy metal record label in the world and proceeded to take every opportunity to tell everyone that they were not a heavy metal band.

After quietly disbanding in the 1995, they remain one of the few heavy acts of that particular era seemingly disinterested in cashing in on any reunion interest (likely somewhat due to the fact that guitarist/vocalist Alex Newport has gone on to have a successful career as a recording engineer). But mostly because they almost certainly believe no one would actually give a shit.

In typically understated fashion, last Thursday (May 7), the band released a pay-what-you-want live LP via Bandcamp called Best of the Desk: Volume One, Live In Europe 1993. Recorded at various shows throughout the year, the set list splits material from FT’s early EPs, Creep Diets and the landmark sludge/punk/noise/definitely-not-metal debut LP Hate Songs In E Minor.

If you missed out on their only U.S. tours in 1993 and 1994, this is likely as close as you’ll ever come to getting an earful of their abrasive live performances. Get on it, Shit for Brains.