Blast Worship: Scalp the Pioneer

Where they from?
Boston, MA. Man, what are the Patriots gonna do now that Tom Brady is gone? I know there are a million more important things happening in the world right now, but my entire football-viewing life has been dominated by this sort of monolithic presence of ABSOLUTE EVIL that is the New England Patriots, and now that their pieces have disembarked from each other, instead of feeling joy, I just sort of feel emptiness? It’s like, I hated them, but I loved to hate them, I loved that animosity. Now that it’s no longer there, what am I supposed to do? Just cheer for my team? Move on with my life? Develop an actual personality? Fuck all of that.

Why the hype?
If 2019 was the year of MIDWEST HYPER GORE BLAST, then 2020 is turning out to be the year of IGNORANT SLAM GRIND (also, Corona). South Carolina’s WVRM might be setting the standard for this particular sub-genre but these Boston boys aren’t far behind. The main characteristic of this type of grind is that it alternates between suffocating, feedback-soaked, Full of Hell style blast parts to translate jarringly into some SUPER ULTRA HEAVY SLAMS. I’m not talking like a quasi-breakdown here, or a groovy part there, I mean like a fucking SLAM you usually only here from a Russian band called ‘Synchronous diaphragmatic flutter’ or some shit.

I had the pleasure of seeing this band a few times this past winter (remember when that was a thing??) and was really taken aback by just how FUCKING HEAVY they sounded, even at a skate park in the middle of bum fuck Connecticut. When this band locks in for those ignorant chugs, it’s really amazing how the muted power chords and unbelievably thick kick drum work together to create something so impossibly heavy that there’s almost a physical concussive force to the music coming out of the speakers. Seeing them be able to replicate this live was truly a sight to behold. It was one of those times that even after the band was done playing, the malice of what they had just conjured stuck around in the air as the next band was setting up.

Latest Release?
The Idiot’s Guide to Self-Hatred, released November 2019. The other thing about this band is how POLITICAL they are. It’s funny, you would think in the age of Trump a lot of grind bands would be outspoken in their opposition to the current state of the U.S. government but surprisingly few are. Not these guys though, they have the earnestness to scream “FUCK YOUR WALL FOREVER” during the aptly titled “Fuck You Forever” but still have the irreverence to name a song “311 Was An Inside Job.” Overall this album is full of jarring slams and a post-modern hatred that is powerful enough for me to say “Oh shit” several times while listening to this thing. Saddle up, partner.