Album Stream: Killitorous Keep the Party Going with ‘The Afterparty’

With a pedigree that includes past, present and fill-in/session members of Annihilator, Suffocation, Vital Remains, Black Crown Initiate, Necronomicon, Unleash the Archers and many more, Ottawa-based Killitorous seems hell-bent on exponentially bursting forth with all the good time energy and bonhomie their other gigs generally shy away from while striving to drop healthy amounts of wisenheimer-ology into the field of tech-death. This triple-guitar explosion of shredding, speed and silliness have recently inked a deal with Tentacle Industries, who will be issuing the band’s second album, The Afterparty on May 22nd, the long-time coming sequel to their full-length debut from 2014, Party, Grind.

Lead-off single, “Married with Children” has already been making the advance rounds on the interhole with further irreverence coming in the form of “Rodney Dangerfield of Dreams,” “King Diamond Dallas Page” and “Insanity as a Pathway to Fame and Fortune: The Tyrannical Tirades of Mike Tyson.” All of these, plus the album’s other seven tracks can be enjoyed below as today we present a stream of the album.

Guitarist Nick Miller had this to say about the band’s second album:

The Afterparty is our sophomore effort, after many years of growing as musicians, friends and as a band. Since Party, Grind was released in 2014, we’ve all individually joined hard-hitting and somewhat legendary bands and worked as sessions musicians for such bands as Annihilator, Suffocation, First Fragment and more. We are more than stoked to show you our growth with our tremendous new lineup including a new vocalist and bassist, as well as the addition of a third guitar player. Streaming The Afterparty in advance of its May 22nd worldwide release date via Decibel is a real honour and treat after many years of hard work. Similar to our debut release this album is crammed full of blast beats, sweeps, shred, nasty vocals and ‘90s movie references. This new album features three guitars and as such is very dense harmonically with very full arrangements and varies in styles across the metal genre. Besides more intense guitars and more solos, this album is a testament to our evolution as songwriters and features some of our catchiest songs/riffs to date. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!”

Additionally, there are a number of notable guest appearances on the album, including Dan Mongrain (Voivod/Martyr), Riley McShane (Allegaeon), Leo Diensthuber (Divine Realm), Cody Ford (Soen), Raphael Weinroth-Browne (Leprous), Youri Raymond (Unhuman), Callum Clark (Ending Tyranny), Paul Ablaze (Blackguard), Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy), Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschlager (ex-Obscura), Gore Lussier (Erimha), Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and Steven Henry (Neuraxis).


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