Album Premiere: Keverra – ‘Keverra’

Featuring current and ex-members of Goatsnake and -(16)-, Keverra came together in 2018. The Los Angeles-based trio have constructed a massive debut album of sophisticated, but hulking doomsday sludge. To capture the record’s true intensity, the trio went to with renowned Chicago producer Sanford Parker.

“When we went into the studio we knew we were taming a beast,” says the band. “The tracking process for this album was intense, sometimes frenetic, and sometimes hilarious. We chose to work with two pros: Phil Vera (Despise You/ Trappist) and Sanford Parker (Mirrors for Psychic Warfare/Buried at Sea.) The days were filled with rock ‘n’ roll war stories, heavy metal tales of caution and random passages you don’t repeat to the general public. Sanford mentioned at one point he has a small book he uses to write down weird shit people say in the studio. He claimed he couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with our bass player Scott.”

The band continues, “We should say here that despite the jack-assery that we employed to transport us out of the studio which was always listening and mirroring back, this record is a document that we feel very strongly about. The heavy feelings, inclinations, even visitations, expressed on this album have only been galvanized by the passage of the unfortunate events we now all endure. We hope that its arrival will stand as some respite during these times and beyond.

“Shortly after the album release date was announced someone from our rehearsal building messaged us saying ‘it was cool listening thru the walls as you guys wrote the songs.’ We play loud, we recorded loud. Play this music loud; play it loud enough that it makes the trip from our hearts and heads into yours.”


Keverra comes out this Friday from Seeing Red Records today.

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