Full Album Stream: Karloff – ‘Raw Nights’

Karloff is the work of T. Horrified, formerly of German death metal band Graveyard Ghoul. Previously released on cassettes in 2018 and 2019, Raw Nights, the latest underground gem unearthed by Dying Victims, collects Karloff’s demo tape and its follow-up, also dubbed Raw Nights. Within a foreboding, death-tainted atmosphere, Karloff slay a corrosive kind of blackened punk.

“I am glad that these songs are finally pressed on vinyl and this through the best underground label in Germany, Dying Victims Productions. Now you can enjoy 2 releases on one vinyl record. How does it sound? Maybe like Hellhammer, Darkthrone and Poison Idea had a great jam session and that’s the result. Bad mood obscure punk in pitch black! Play It on volume +1000 of Armageddon!”

Raw Nights

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