Full Album Stream: Black Vice – ‘The Alchemist’s Vision’

Black Vice formed 7 years ago in Austin. Across their splits and debut full-length you can hear their violent and accelerated evolution toward becoming the keen predatory black force that’s waiting for you on their sophomore album The Alchemist’s Vision, streaming below. On The Alchemist’s Vision Black Vice shed their raw, static-ridden tone and give rise to their romantic melodies, riffs that seems to bring together all the various flora of USBM styles from Cascadia to Brooklyn to Texas itself whence spawned, and resides still, Black Funeral. Subtle in its flourishes but deeply effective in the spell it weaves, The Alchemist’s Vision is a triumph of modern underground black metal.

Black Vice prepared the following statement for today’s premiere of The Alchemist’s Vision.

Written and recorded in the spring of 2018 after the split and subsequent tour with Haunter along with Crawl […] The Alchemist’s Vision marks the first full-length with [former bassist, now guitarist] Theia Mania taking helm as the main songwriter and the arsenal of an updated line-up, and further explores the amalgamation of ecstatic melody and uncanny dissonance, invoking that which lies beyond this plane.

The Alchemist’s Vision

Out Friday, preorder The Alchemist’s Vision on pro-tape and 12” vinyl from Crown & Throne Ltd.