Video Premiere: Kari Rueslåtten “Sørgekåpe”

Kari Rueslåtten

A long time ago in a music scene far far away, Norwegian singer/songstress Kari Rueslåtten stunned metaldom fronting experimental metal outfit The Third and the Mortal. Rueslåtten went on to sing on the Sorrow EP (1994) and celebrated debut full-length, Tears Laid in Earth (1994), before jumping over to record with folk metal superstars Storm. She left metal as quickly as she was involved with it by the self-release of Demo Recordings 1995. Indeed, not more than two years later, Rueslåtten signed on to Columbia Records to release her official debut album, Spindelsinn, in 1997, for which she was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Award.

Since Spindelsinn, Rueslåtten has recorded seven full-lengths, counting new album Sørgekåpe, to great acclaim. Decibel and Rueslåtten have teamed up to premiere (and be the exclusive North American partner) for the album’s eponymous single, “Sørgekåpe.” Dreary in tone but full of mystery and wonder, “Sørgekåpe” reminds us of Rueslåtten’s vocal prowess, her ability to capture our imagination, and for communicating a bit of Norway (mountains, fjords, forests, culture, and mythology) to her fans abroad.

In mist she was standing…

** Kari Rueslåtten’s new album, Sørgekåpe, is available on LP, CD, and in t-shirt+music bundles. Click HERE to order direct from Rueslåtten’s webstore.