Fluisteraars: “Our Search for Musical Freedom”

As we approach the spring months of 2020, the Dutch black metal scene has emerged as the artistic juggernaut to beat this year. Earlier saw the release of Turia’s fantastic Degan Van Licht, and last week brought us a Bloem from the master craftsmen in Fluisteraars. For anyone who enjoys the modern sound of Yellow Eyes along with the best work of bands like Blut Aus Nord, Bloem is a gorgeous bouquet of riffs, howls and experimental treats.

The band takes atmospheric black metal to new horizons on this album, going far beyond the trees-on-the-cover Bergtatt retreads so common. This gave them the opportunity to use the Geldersch Man`s Choir and Bennekoms String Quartet, along with trumpets, tambourines and trombones. And yet it all still works within the framework of black metal. The riffs are still menacing, the mood is eerie, everything is still as it should be.

Here’s how the band describes it:

For us, the album is a gathering of all kinds of experiences and thoughts that we have gained in recent years. Bob Mollema has been involved in many artistic projects for the past 5 years as an artist and Mink Koops in turn as a musician. For example, he has let his mind shine in projects such as Maalstroom, Islandr, Solar Temple and Nusquama. In addition to their artistic excesses, Mink and Bob are busy with Fluisteraars. Bloem is the result of our references and our search for musical freedom. With Bloem we have knocked down our personal walls and set up the shutters for all kinds of influences. The theme still delves into old of stories and legends, but has been adapted. Stories need to grow and change because we believe it is a kind of relay that everyone can participate in.

The album is out now via Eisenwald.