For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on My Dying Bride, Code Orange and Fotocrime

It’s FINALLY that time of year when the releases start picking up. This is refreshing to this birdbrain as I have some venom to spew on some shiz.

How does one discuss a band like My Dying Bride? They have a ton of influential releases. So, let’s talk about the latest effort The Ghost of Orion on Nuclear Blast. I’d first off like to say that MDB have never put out a bad record in their almost 30-year career.  The newest effort, The Ghost of Orion isn’t bad, but it’s not GREAT. Briefly, for those that don’t know, this is considered death-doom or gothic doom, and MDB were one of the frontrunners of this genre. The production here is slick (drums and vocals), but still kind of raw (that guitar tone, tho). So, what else? What strikes me most about this release is its accessibility. This is no sellout record, but just a little more… accessible (I know I already said that). This is not to say that this is watered down or generic, I just think it’s the sound of a band that has been around for 28 years and put out 14 records. There are times when frontman Stainthorpe’s voice is reminiscent of Ghost’s Tobias Forge, but it does not come across as phony or commercial. So, I guess my take is… this is a good My Dying Bride record, but not a great My Dying Bride record. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Is it fair to review a record that I haven’t heard based off of two songs? Well… I’m going to do it. Former metalcore band Code Orange is coming out of left field with two singles from their Underneath full length on Roadrunner. So, this is not the Code Orange you know. These tracks showcase a ‘90s industrial mashup with some Code Orange type breakdowns and screaming thrown in. Harkening back to shades of The Crow soundtrack with skittering drum loops and NIN style production, this is a stylistic departure for them. To be fair, I haven’t heard the whole record, but this is sure to leave fans of their previous work in the dust. I’m all for a band changing their sound, and growing, but I’m not sure that I’m a fan of this. The production here is great, and the anthemic hooks draw me in, but is it Code Orange? I’ll give the songs 5 Fucking Pecks, but I have to admit that my interest is piqued to hear more.

It’s not necessarily “metal” but Fotocrime is releasing South of Heaven (I know, I know) on Profound Lore. This is post WWII goth darkness. And I’m pecking DIGGING IT! Not for everyone, and especially not for metal purists or elitists, but this pecking rules. Think the Jesus and Mary Chain or early Depeche Mode (without sounding like either). This band is kicking much feathered butt. Peck it out. 8 Fucking Pecks.

Waldo OUT!