Full Album Stream: Invocation – “Attunement to Death”

Since 2015, the Chilean trio who call themselves Invocation have released mere hints at the spawning chasm of occult black, death, and doom metal created by their united powers. Now, after four years of gathering strength and numbers in the underground, Invocation reveal their deadly might, their hypnotic call with the release of their debut mini LP, Attunement to Death.

Tune into the foreboding songs brought forth by this trio of Sense of Clairvoyance (bass), Sense of Clairaudience (drums), and Sense of Premonition (guitars/vocals). Attunement to Death makes for thirty minutes of dusty, suffocating, and haunted with evil blood death metal. 

Warns Sense of Premonition: “Attunement to Death remains true to our ritualistic mixture of black and death metal darkness, and goes a step further with more mantric and aggressive vibrations, expect pure hypnotic darkness!”

Attunement to Death

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