For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Beneath the Massacre and Blood Spore

What’s up, you loveless pecks? Yet another Valentine’s Day is here, so get into some new releases that hopefully you’ll LOVE.

Beneath the Massacre are releasing their fourth full length Fearmonger on Century Media. Given today’s political climate, the title is quite apt for our times (they’re Canadian). But, I gotta say, I’m not really into this style, but I’m going into this with an open minded beak. This is deathcore/progressive/tech death metal. These guys have chops and can certainly play, AND I the arrangements here are actually pretty unique. No one is ever going to be confused with ripping these guys off. The drums are FAST and one thing that really sticks out are the vocals, which feature screeched highs and guttural lows—all in all, the vocals come across as aggressive as peck. Now to the rest, like I said, these guys can play, but sometimes it seems that they hit an idea and just kinda blow past it, never really letting a riff sink in. I’m having a hard time hating on this (mostly because just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad). The production is a little “dry” and sterile, but that lends to this style. If you’re a fan of these guys or this genre, you’re going to dig this, if not, you can skip it. 6 Fucking Pecks (or 2 Fucking Pecks depending on your taste)

Newcomers Blood Spore are releasing their first Fungal Warfare Upon All Life on Blood Harvest (so much blood here). I’ll just dig into this as there’s not much of a back story. This is nasty as hell, very “Euro” style of death metal. There’s a little of everything thrown in here: doom, some grooves, blasts and, of course, straight-up death metal. Production is kinda dank and dismal, which fits with the overall vibe, but there’s some annoying reverb somewhere in the mix that’s killing me. This birdbrain thinks this would be better with out it, but hey… Anyway, hard to peg this down except “euro death” I think a great way would be to stick Autopsy and Inhume in a blender and you have Blood Spore. An admirable first release. Nice JCVD reference in the name too. 7 Fucking Pecks.

OK, all… it’s time for me to fly!

Waldo out!