Video Premiere: Telepathy – “Pariah”

Formed nearly a decade ago by three Polish brothers and an English guitarist, Telepathy have grown to become one of the strongest sludge/post-metal acts in Europe. With Burn Embrace, the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed sophomore album Tempest, the quartet mean to spread their power across the oceans and beyond.

Burn Embrace is a seven track, largely instrumental monument of sound, pain and beauty. Simply put, this record will move you. We’re psyched to host the video for “Pariah,” the latest single from Telepathy’s forthcoming new album. 

“We’re very happy to share ‘Pariah’ as the first taste of our new album Burn Embrace. Feeling like an outsider looking in is something that everyone goes through at some point in life and this became a recurring theme whilst being holed up in the middle of nowhere during the whole writing process for Burn Embrace,” says the band. “It’s also a metaphor for the way we see ourselves as a band. It’s always been tough to pigeonhole us, and whilst sometimes that has felt like a curse, it’s ultimately what we consider our greatest strength. 

“‘Pariah’ tells the story of a person who has given up the comforts of a traditional life, and lost their connection to the modern world,” the band explains. “Haunted by the memory of those they left behind, the character contemplates on the struggle of not being accepted in the eyes of society.

“The video was made in various locations around the UK by our own Piotr and Albert Turek, with help from our former bassist Krystian.”


Preorder Burn Embrace now from Svart Records.