Blast Worship: 908

Where they from?
Denver, CO. Colorado has sort of become the Amsterdam of the United States in that everyone immediately associates it with weed being legal there but it’s also fully legal in 10 other states. No one is like “Whoa, you’re from Alaska? You must BLAZE DANK TREES, BRO” or whatever it is the kids are saying these days.

What do they sound like?
Like a band that RIPS DANK NUGS (am I doing this right?)

Why the hype?
the term “false grind” essentially started as a joke by Ground’s Mike Mayo to describe how his band was perceived by grindcore elitists on the internet who lambasted “Nu Grind” bands that utilized breakdowns and mosh parts rather than stick strictly to blast beats and early Carcass worship. Eventually this term started to spread and I have been thinking lately how this seemingly internet joke has arguably crystalized into an actual definable movement, albeit a small one.

I came to this realization this week when I finally started listening to 908 (they had been on my list of bands to check out for a long time). 908 has a very “false grind” sound, one that they add their own spin to by incorporating a slight blackened death/grind influence to in the vein of Pittsburgh’s Circle of Dead Children. But the staples of false grind are all there: two-steps and breakdowns intermittent with blasting, fast D-beats and the ocassional mongo vocals. 908 hold the distinction of being the first band I’ve heard to feature this sound to not come from the eastern seaboard of the United States which to me helps me understand that false grind is in fact it’s own microgenre because it has been conceptualized enough that it is starting to spread geographically. I’m sorry if that was really heady, I spent last night reading Marshall Macluhan’s Wikipedia page and I’m ready to give a seminar on media studies.

Latest Release?
Last year’s EP III. As I previously mentioned, the band does incorporate a slight blackened influence that interplays rather well with some of the goofier punk elements. But who cares about any of that, TELL US ABOUT THE MOSH PARTS. “Was I Wrong?” starts with a really cool two-step, “PMRC Punx” has a really nasty one too and “D-Beat Nerd” has one of those SUPER SICK tribal crowdkill, knock-beer-out-of-a-hipster’s-hand parts. Great stuff to BURN SOME LEAVES TO if ya ask me.