Full EP Stream: Kings Never Die — “Raise A Glass”

If you’ve been on the hunt for some top-shelf, old school-flavored hardcore buoyed by a subtle groove and swing as well as fist-pump primed anthemic lyrics… well, word that alum of such seminal and diverse acts as Murphy’s law, Dog Eat Dog, Subzero, Agnostic Front, and Mucky Pup — not to mention a guest spot courtesy the legend Vinnie Stigma himself — has to be extremely harsh music to your ears.

That’s the promise of Kings Never Die. And on Raise a Glass the band — guitarists Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda and Dan Natasi, bassist Jay Kaflin, drummer Steve Gallo, and vocalist Dylan Gadino — deliver.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check out an exclusive stream of the record in full below. Then, if so inclined, head over to Upstate Records to preorder the EP which drops Friday.

“Most songs I write or start to put together, usually begin with a vocal line or lyrical hook,” Natasi tells Decibel of title track. “In chorus driven songs like ‘Raise a Glass,’ I feel the music usually writes itself and this was no different. In addition to Agnostic Front, I love the Stigma albums and love seeing them live and the personality of Vinnie’s vocals. The second I started singing over the ‘Raise a Glass’ chorus and sorted out the lyrics I heard Uncle Vinnie’s voice doing them. I had some rough verse lyrics together and had some demo-ed already when we got to the studio to record Vinnie and Mikes’ vocals. [Agnostic Front drummer] Mike Gallo immediately started working through them, adding and rewriting them: ‘We’ll never forget you/We’ll always remember’; ‘Lets drink and reminisce, about the ones we miss.’ Just incredible.

“Like most songs, it’s not just about who writes the original idea or riff,” he continues. “It’s about the sum of the parts and the people involved. This song is just that and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it and grateful to the others that helped make it what it is.”