Album Stream: Bütcher – ‘666 Goats Carry My Chariot’


“Finally… the 31st of January is drawing near,” say Belgian thrash metal meat cleavers Bütcher from the center of Villa Tinto. “We have put everything we have into this record, every last drop of sweat and blood. Reviews have been simply astonishing so far, and reactions to the new video clip and songs we let loose are overwhelming. To team up with the mighty Decibel Magazine is no mean feat for us, and we are proud to have Decibel streaming the full album prior to the official release on Friday. We look forward to hearing your reactions, and to burn with you on our upcoming live shows! Thanks Decibel Mag, and now off with you Maniaxxxe, and let it rip!”

Clearly, the maniaxxxe in Bütcher as chuffed as Decibel to be premiering 666 Goats Carry My Chariot in its entirety. Indeed, the Belgians hyper-speed be-spiked and be-leathered metal is the second coming of the New Wave of (Blackened) Thrash Metal that Osmose spearheaded in the mid-1990s when the likes of Infernö (Utter Hell, yeah!), Bewitched (“Burnin’ Paradise” still reigns supreme!), Gehennah (Barf and blast! No compromise!), and Swordmaster (Necronauts unite!) were kings of the Hades’ hot-as-hell sidewalk. The signing of these post-thrash metal bands sparked a minor scene that spanned the globe. Bands like Nifelheim, Aura Noir, Desaster, Witchery, Nocturnal Breed, Impiety, and many more thrashed ’til blackened death. Well, with Bütcher, the biker bar riff aficionados at Osmose Productions are at it again. What happened in Hell’s cellar 20 years ago is bubbling up again, and Bütcher are gonna lead the way with new album, 666 Goats Carry My Chariot, being the spark that ignites Satanic speed metal’s rebirth!

Let’s ring Hell’s bells together with Bütcher’s 666 Goats Carry My Chariot!

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