My Dying Bride Returns on “Your Broken Shore”

The masters of beautiful gloom have returned.

My Dying Bride is one of the best and most influential doom metal bands of all time. As one of the originators of death-doom, they penned early classics like As the Flower Withers and Turn Loose the Swans, and have crafted a set of modern masterworks on A Map of All Our Failures and Feel the Misery. From the guitar work of Andrew Craighan, to the voice of Aaron Stainthorpe, and mournful string sections, My Dying Bride’s sound is instantly recognizable.

On March 6 of this year, the world will receive its newest sermon from these preachers of doom, called The Ghost of Orion. MDB have released the first passage of that sermon, called “Your Broken Shore.” Within the first minute, you can tell the magic of the band’s craft is still intact and as vital as ever.

Every element of My Dying Bride is present here: memorable clean vocals, excellent riffs, evocative lyrics, the list goes on. Enjoy the song below, and look out for The Ghost of Orion via Nuclear Blast this March.