Exclusive Premiere: Inferno Requiem & Abigail split

This Friday, on CD and cassette tape respectively, Elderblood Productions and Death Kvlt Productions will in cooperation release a split recording between Taiwanese black metal solo mission Inferno Requiem and Japanese street metal bastards Abigail.

According to Fog, the sole shadow behind Inferno Requiem, their contributions to the split, Conqueror of the Golden Horde represents “the sequel to Wolf from Onon Realm,” the concept EP from earlier this year. Just like that EP, Conqueror of the Golden Horde deals in themes regarding “the almighty Mongolian troop, who would bring merciless attack right back to you, the worst nightmare from the medieval times!” Meanwhile, Abigail’s four contributions, called Metal Bitch Violator, are four bangers of reckless black metal violence and sleaze—exactly what we’ve come to know and love about the Japanese street gang. 

Get it on CD from Elderblood Productions

Get it on cassette from Death Kvlt Productions.